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Our History

Sandy Waldron started making candy in 1979.

Her uncle owned Treasure Island Fudge on Treasure Island outside of San Fransisco, California, where she worked before starting her own candy company in 1982. Sandy's Candy Land creations are made with recipes that stand the test of time and have been passed down in her family for generations.

"I actually started cooking candy when I was 23. It was my mother who gave me the confidence that I could cook a good batch of candy," Sandy said. "She and my uncle were the experts. My mother and I built the business to begin within Oregon."

Sandy was raised on a ranch, and later she decided to take her business on the road by attending western and agriculture-related events.

"It's so rewarding to make a product that you're proud of and that other people are interested in purchasing. The candy business has allowed me to meet some of the most wonderful people and my best of friends to this day."

Sandy and her husband, Cecil, live in Arizona when they aren't on the road. Friends graciously named their small ranch "Candy Land."

"I met my best friend and husband in 2003. We married in 2005 when he had a dairy farm, and I had the candy business. When we sold our cows in 2008, we started traveling and doing the candy business together. It has been a great journey."

Buying only the finest ingredients when she's at home making candy. Many of those ingredients are taken on the road also for the fresh baking she does at shows. Most of her nuts and dried fruits are bought from local farmers. She uses real butter and cream and pure flavoring.

"I have always enjoyed the outdoors, and the candy business has allowed Cecil and I to travel and see new places in the beautiful outdoors. One of the greatest things about the candy business is the blessing that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been my stronghold all my life and the thing that has never let me down. It has helped me to raise a most wonderful, beautiful daughter who now has a lovely family and three children, husband."

When Sandy and Cecil aren't managing a booth at a show or making candy, they love spending time with their family, taking back roads to see a new country, and enjoying their "Candy Land" ranch.


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